K. Perry



Ken Perry Sr.: I sang secular music for most of my life,  I’m now at a turning point where I love music , music is my heart  but, my spiritual being is calling out for peace. So I’m trying to mend the cracks in my soul to be more positive and the most honest living individual that I can be (thank you Jesus). I’ve searched the music over and over and over and over again, secular that is, gospel music, I love music orchestra  or orchestrations of music, classical, indie, underground, over ground, I mean I love music but that GOSPEL music it  resonates a response from my spirit, I mean here I am. I really want to be a part of right living in God. So I’m thanking Him for my voice right now because, this is natural there’s no outside influence.  This is the good Lord Jesus Christ and I just want to Thank Him and His Holy Father and the Holy spirit for coming into my life.  Thank you Jesus.